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Отзывы по тренингу "Системный подход к продажам" (ИДС Боржоми Грузия) май 2011 года, г.Тбилиси

Отзывы по тренингу "Системный подход к продажам" (ИДС Боржоми Грузия) май 2011 года, г.Тбилиси

В мае 2011 Евгений Легкий провел тренинг для торговых представителей компании "ИДС Боржоми" в Грузии.

Отзывы после тренинга:

1. I can say that after training, the level of knowledge of employees has increased. Now, they’ve understood what the positive effect has placing of refrigerators and products on the best places.  Their self-confidence has increased; employees have learnt correctly analyzing stocks  and  taking orders properly,

2. Regarding results, the products are represented in the better places, OOS is reduced. All this itself reflected on sales.  On May, we had 20%  growth  in comparison with the  May 2010.

3. Today, we already have video recording of the training that we have been displaying to new employees and training them with our efforts.

4. Everything is all right regarding training materials.


What was the most benefit of the course?

 1. The participants acquainted with main theoretical basis of sales techniques and methodized their knowledge. Special interest was arose when the trainer provided with SMART-planning and merchandising topics and techniques to overcome the clients' objections. 

2.      What could be done better at the course?

It was actually perfect for this stage of their development.

3.      Please evaluate the trainer’s delivery  - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1 – very bad….5 – very good)

Definitely "5"!

4.      Please evaluate the course administration - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1 – very bad….5 – very good)

The participants and their top managers vere quite satisfied with course administration and evaluate it as of "5".

5.      What are the main areas of further development for your Field Sales personnel you realized during the training course?

Any area covered during the training, especially SMART-styled planning, presentation and negotiation skills and, merchandising of course.

6.      What management tools are you using/going to use for further personnel development?

First of all the management should set an example how to trust in themselves, in the company and in the product. That should be a basis for the motivation rising. The creation of good job evaluation system and compensation scheme based on it should be the next step. Meanwhile the new training needs must arise.

7.      Please, share the decisions that you came up with during the training course?

One of the participants was offered to hold TDM's position. Also, it was firmly decided to deliver the similar training to every new employee.

8.      What learning & development tools are you planning to use?

Field coaching is considered the best way to strengthen the training results at this stage.

9.      What knowledge, skills and/or abilities have you decided to develop for yourself?

Better planning (incl. SMART), staff motivation, accurate and clear ordering; provision with evaluation and fair&transparent compensation, coaching.  

10.  What support from HR do you expect for further personal and personnel development?  What instruments would you like to develop?

As it was mentioned above, to formalize and introduce distinct evaluation&compensation systems, team building and encouragement measures; improvement of staff's skills and knowledge etc.

Автор: Лёгкий Евгений
Компания: Legkiy Business Centre (все новости компании)
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