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Ip1500 Digital Education it

Ip1500 Digital Education it
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Максим Сергеевич
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What it means to be number 1 in the world. To me personally, large-scale projects all over the world are attractive, where there is already data - what to analyze, what indicators need to be promptly influenced - to reduce winning time. You - have pain now, already - impossible tasks, you need to control, increase, multiply - indicators, optimize automation, often repeating processes in business, you need to find a solution, don’t know how, what, where, how much - I think that - me lucky in life - to work with the best of the best in the world, my true love of numbers, mathematics and analytics + knowledge of Internet technologies, tools, traffic software, databases of the world, countries - it was lucky. Ceiling Hum - Google Universal is everything. I have not met people who perfectly integrated Google modules. In this market - now there are no professionals who integrate this module - I sincerely believe that they are somewhere. I sincerely believe that your IT staff


Upgrade Top management of the department’s department - Complete preparation of the team of top managers of the management department for the future economic and financial crisis is the correct and competent weighing and redistribution of all company resources.


+100К World

Maximum load for World - 400 project managers are subordinate, 1 project - 5 people - PM, front end, programmer, specialist, junior - control of 2,000 people of the team in 1 month.

Professional 24/7 - Digital Internet Marketing - 1 Project - All processes under the A / B test: End-to-end Analytics 1K Traffic Channels, 150,000 Individual Ad Headings Only Google AdWords + Direct, Compilation of the Semantic Core 300,000 under the ab split test. Internet digitization Data, End-to-end analytics from CRM, Influences on key indicators, Compilation of selling content, Organic (live) traffic and Viral, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, ROMI, LTV, Call tracking, Packaging Website, Video, Media- Keith, Franchise Target Audience Description Semantic Core Gathering State SEO PPC SMM Email SMS Youtube Instagram Facebook Bot

Track channels of attracting traffic from + 1K

Remarketing and Targeting.
Resuscitation of the client.
Working with Bloggers Industry Leaders
Contests Promotions Testing
Work with otzoviks
Work with Journalists
Work with the stars
Work with partners
Content Plan for the year
Customer Behavioral FactorsConversion
Study of all stages of sales - touch and contact with the client
Work with customer reviews, partners
Creation of Commercial channels from 0 to
Paid advertising
Budgeting per Channel
Automation and Process Optimization
Auto Sales Bot
And much more

ab split test 1 in 1 millions https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/2/d/1xu_xFm4MiXrQP-WpRv_9VPdWgsn6RfWcwPqFaCNMKp4

Competitors Niche Activity Analysis:
State Regional National International - Level Definition - Leader. Analytics Activity Activity
Target Audience Description:
Potential LTV Customer Life Cycle Segmentation Drawing up a Sell Offer Content for segments

SEO - max. +5 million - Words Phrases

PPC - Practice - +500,000 - individual headers and ads, images under the A / B test
Training top department leaders online
Pulling semantic 4U headers AB Split test new website design

Дополнительная информация

The main conclusion is Speed, Mobility, Lightness, Accuracy, Terrain, Weather, Behavior of the Beloved Opponent of his, Formation, care, knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of his team, calculation of the path, time to prepare, signs of weakness of the opponent, ... We get 14 chapters his treatise is the exact observance of the rules. Let's analyze the history of the conquests of Genghis Khan - he is the first one to use the system of conquest by the city 24/7. Dividing the team into 3 parts - the city - the business began to work - like a clock. The longest work - 4 months - and a victory. Dividing your business into 3 parts: 1 to work with people from 24/7, 2 work with hands and analytics outside business time, 3 operational impact and changes immediately. We get the division of labor into mechanical work and business time working with people and suppliers - where they, having opened their eyes or come to work, have already received assignments - advancing work.

Having studied the development of the Henry Ford company since 1900, as an Analyst, I have questions:

1. Why did not 1 production car become the leader in the auto industry - all tractors, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes?

2. Why did Henry Ford not conduct 2 types of business? Agricultural activity was not rented by the field, becoming a producer of the agricultural sector - while the staff let the field work in the season?

3. Why did the company stop falling in love with staff from 9 (now officially online from 13 in the legislative field of the world) years at schools and train staff for their whole life

4. When they stopped preparing brand advocates - about which the company took care of the employee’s employee’s family. What the company is ready to do - having closed the needs and needs of the family for 1 human life.

5. How to carry a brand for 10, 100, 1500 human lives?

6. How to make sure that children and relatives, your loved ones, themselves want to work in the company 24/7.

7. They themselves took an extra load - to benefit the company and grow independently.

8. Work from the phone - allows employees to save time, take the extra load - for the calculation with the employee immediately after the task.

9. How to increase the employee’s working hours from 8 to 12-14-18 hours of the employee’s work for the company, how to quickly motivate the team to want to work and study 24/7 - Strong motivation - give 50% of the salary immediately, then 150% per month and close the needs of the employee’s family.

10. Errors on the technology and the Internet employee. When the weak equipment and the Internet - 70% of the time, the owner pays the employee for the process of waiting for the opening and braking of the equipment - statistics for 2000 employees. When you dig into the numbers - it's money. Large - Know how to count? I - Yes

So much experience that we can teach a child of 10-15 years to do all the turnkey data settings - just. 


Апчел Максим Сергеевич Апчел Максим Сергеевич
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